What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Well in our case it was the egg! Mrs Offen collected a clutch of eggs from Middle Farm near Lewes. Reception Class then took lots of care to incubate them and after around 3 weeks they started to hatch!

They spent their first day in the incubator before we moved them to a brooding area in the classroom. Here they stayed for a couple of weeks.

When they were a bit bigger, Mr Barden built them a bigger enclosure outside Year 3 and 4. They liked the extra room and were able to get used to the cooler temperatures.

Next, they went on holiday with Mrs Skan for a week or two where they got used to being outside in an arc. This gave us time to finish their final home on the school field.

Lastly, on the day of the Summer Fair in 2016, they returned to school and were put in their brand new enclosure.

They love the space they have!

Keeping their house nice and clean
Mid September 2016

Dinner Time

Day One
My Birthday

Day One
My Birthday